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Mr Jignesh Shah's Residence

Gujaratis love their Jali doors! It’s their way of keeping sure that at some point of the day the shining sunrays are entering the home not only from the windows but from the entrance too. The apartment’s entrance is given a heavy wooden front door with a tailormade handle and small chambers for air ventilation and daylight access. The person entering the house will also be greeted with a meditating Buddha on the wall that has been etched over glass and backlit with mellow indirect LEDs.


The extended foyer space welcomes you with a beautiful console unit and a fluted glass partition as Mrs. Shah gives utmost priority to the privacy of her children, and the natural daylight. The living room was a tough nut to crack. In Vandita's words, “As the parents were inclined towards natural and wooden ambiance, while the children insisted over the earthy finish of stone we merged their thoughts at a harmonious common conclusion and made a wooden ceiling with stone walls that are adorned by a sofa, and a teak wood center table surrounded by lush and aesthetic planters.”


The Living room overlooks a wide balcony with walls adorned by handcrafted stones. The gallery has been ideated as a calm zone of the house as there is a swing that possesses a magical ability to ease out anyone’s worry of the day. Walking a little ahead would take you to the mancave of the youngest family member, Nisarg Shah. The space truly defines his personality - it's elegant and quirky at the same time. The Italian marble and rose gold inlay gives an imperial sense when combined with the wooden panel of the tv unit, but the neon sign of ‘Good Vibes Only’ would remind you that it’s a Millenial’s bedroom you are walking through. 


Making the space look spacious was a task for the designing team, as the Vastu expert didn’t allow any visible mirrors in the house, not even on the dressing table. So, team TDF innovated a solution where the mirror can be accessed by a slide pull in every room of the house, including the Guest Bedroom, which has a beautiful metallic piece of art to awestruck the onlooker. 


The wanderlust elder son, Jainam has a world map affixed on his room wall, which is customized using rusting iron and was cured for more than 3 weeks before getting into shape. While his rustic brick wall gives an unfinished look to the room, his cushioned headboard truly helps him realize the luxury he has inherited. 


The master bedroom has been dedicated to the elders of the house and thus it has ample amount of storage space in it. The marble effect in the fluted panel and display unit is the true highlight of this room. 


The dining area is all about the hues of blues. From the back painted glass, and washbasin to the chairs, everything has an aesthetic view for somebody looking to ease out their Monday blues. The Shahs have a spiritual inclination in life too, thus to justify their beliefs we created a Kalpvriksh using Corian on Italian tiles. Even the doors are inspired by the famous Jain Derasars and possess a calming effect on somebody looking to spend time in the lord’s abode. 

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